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Transit-Oriented Development Features

Michigan's Next Step: A Conversation with Bruce Katz

Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institute has strong opinions about what will help to push Michigan forward. Our colleagues at Lansing's Capital Gains chat with him about cities, transportation, and the strengths of manufacturing in the new economy.

Becoming Urbane: A Q&A with Eric Brown

Eric Brown not only discovered his entrepreneurial muscle later in life, he also discovered his new urbanist, social media leanings. As CEO and co-founder of Urbane Apts, Brown has his finger on Metro Detroit's rental pulse, and has found success in a market that traditionally caters to home owners.

Sharing Woodward Avenue

Automobiles have done a lot of good for Michigan. But for Woodward Avenue, not so much. As the value of dense and vital downtowns becomes increasingly evident, leaders are rethinking the auto-only policies and practices of Metro Detoit's transportation spine.
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Transit-Oriented Development Blogs

Mark Nickita

Ideally Detroit's buildings should be as changeable as a set of Legos; the reality is a bit different. Architect Mark Nickita, co-founder of Archive Design Studio, returns to write about the repositioning of under-producing properties and why cities are best seen on foot.
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Transit-Oriented Development Videos

Take A Ride

With rail plans finally in the works for Woodward Ave,let's take a gander at what a well-planned mass transit system has meant for Portland, OR. Soapbox, our sister publication in Cincinnati put together this nifty video of light rail porn. Envious yet?

Woodward Ave: Past, Present & Possible Future

The Woodward Project has put together a video that argues how Metro Detroit's most famous transit artery was once the lifeblood of both the city and the region... and how it can be one once again.
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