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Lessons From Downtown: Ferndale, Detroit and a Nation of Main Street Stories

Over 1,300 downtown professionals are making the journey to Detroit this week for the National Main Street Conference. Ferndale will be in the house, learning what Motown has to teach about revitalizing downtown development and, in turn, educating the Motor City about its Main Street successes.

Grosse Pointe 2.0 Redux

Urban revitalization is infectious and Grosse Pointe has caught the bug. Big changes are afoot in the east side community as new eateries, businesses and ideas threaten to energize the otherwise cloistered community. Could GP become the next RO?

Selling Birmingham's Downtown Shopping District

For decades national chains, the stores most American shop in, have set their sites on malls and shopping strips. But the times they are a-changing. Every year the focus and enthusiasm for downtown living and shopping grows. So, how do you integrate and accommodate national retail into a city's core? Metromode chats with Julie Fielder, Birmingham's go-to gal for putting stores into its downtown storefronts.

Grosse Pointe 2.0

It may just be five blocks, but the neighborhood around Grosse Pointe Park's Kercheval Avenue is starting to change the character, residential make up, and expectations of a community that has long been regarded as --dare we say it?-- cloistered.

Metro Detroit: A Visitor's View

Long after the high-voltage North American International Auto Show rolls up the red carpet, tourism remains a nearly $5 billion a year economic plug for Metro Detroit. Are visitors mapping out the region's praises or issuing their own travel advisories? Metromode takes a look from their vantage points.
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Bellyache Candy Shoppe

Candy and Detroit rock n' roll - two great tastes that taste great together! Royal Oak's Bellyache Candy Company is taking the web by storm, pushing Goo Goo Clusters, Pop Rocks and Charleston Chews along with CDs, vinyl LPs and 7-inch singles from bands like  The Amino Acids, The Hentchman, and Gore Gore Girls. Can you say, "Yummy"?

Incognito In Royal Oak

If it's good enough for George Clinton, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The White Stripes, it's good enough for you. Incognito is a longtime local fave known for its funky footwear, clothing and accessories

Epiphany Studios

Move over Chihuly, Epiphany Studios is out to eat your lunch. Okay, not really, but this Pontiac-based glass studio produces some incredible work, employing techniques developed and mastered by Italian glass blowers over hundreds of years.

House Of Chants

House Of Chants could care less about the masses. They want you to look fabulous. Upscale urban, locally minded and absolutely authentic, this 20s era storefront is SoHo meets Motown. Yup, just another example of downtown Ferndale's renaissance.

Naka, Naka (Who's There?)

Buy local doesn't just mean food, dontcha know. Naka boutique in Ferndale features hand-crafted clothing, soaps and gifts from Metro Detroit creatives and designers. And owner Kelly Pettibone Lapointe doesn't just sell local, she moved back from New York City to be local.
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