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Mike Rafferty

I was born and raised in Detroit and a long distance relationship inspired a move to NYC.  While I was there I felt that Detroit and its people weren't given the respect or credit they deserved for being talented, hardworking, passionate, and committed.  Most importantly, as the market weakened and jobs left, they weren't given opportunities to express those traits. My wife and I agreed that for this to change, all hands need to be on deck and we chose (wholeheartedly) to come back.  When I began my job search, I took note that some of the most talented and hardworking people that I know in my line of work (New York included) were at EDGE.  Having known Mr. Ficano (Wayne County Executive) to be committed to business investment and job growth, I jumped at the chance to join the team when the opportunity was presented.

Job Title: Development Officer
Company: Wayne County Economic Development Growth Engine
College: Wayne State University, Masters of Urban Planning, Economic Development Concentration, Detroit, MI

Michelle Aniol

Great things are happening in Lyon Township and I love being a part of such dynamic environment.  I was hired this past summer by the Lyon Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to jump start its economic development efforts, and to reduce costs associated with the day-to-day administration and management of DDA business, projects and programs.

Recently, I presented Township elected and appointed officials with a comprehensive pre-planning assessment tool designed to gauge their perceptions and understanding of economic development activities and conditions in the community. With this tool I will analyze the Township's strengths and weaknesses, and overall preparedness to retain existing businesses, attract new businesses and residents, and grow small businesses within the Township and in New Hudson, the Township's downtown business district.

In a little over three months, I have initiated steps to help Township officials strengthen their local economy, and saved them nearly $60,000, in the process.

Job Title: DDA Administrator/Economic Development Coordinator
Company: Charter Township of Lyon
College: Eastern Michigan University, College of Arts and Sciences, Geography, Urban and Regional Planning, Ypsilanti, MI

Gregoire W. Eugene-Louis

I am the Demolition Coordinator for the city of Highland Park. I also coordinate  the housing rehabilitation program and customer service for the housing and real estate department as it relates to zoning and assessing information. I prepare site plans and rezoning applications and research zoning for new businesses. I am on the traffic committee, illegal dumping committee, Highland Park UD Mercy Partnership. These committees were formed to help improve the physical appearance of the community, the attraction and retention of business and development investment groups and to improve the quality of living for the residence of Highland Park. Another exciting venture I assist with in Highland Park is our Film department; always waiting for my big break as an extra in a local movie.

Job Title: Community and Economic Development Project Coordinator
Company: City of Highland Park Michigan
College: Wayne State Unversity, Colllege of Liberal Arts and Science, Political Science, Detroit, MI

Sara Roediger

I help shape the future of West Bloomfield and help ensure it remains a great community!  As the planner for West Bloomfield Township, my job is to help facilitate development in the Township.  I review site plans and rezoning applications. I administer and prepare edits to the zoning ordinance.  Recently, I began the process to update the Township's master plan, a document that describes the vision for the future of West Bloomfield.  In addition, I oversee the CDBG grant program for the Township (distribution of federal funds to help low income and senior residents in the community) and the EECBG grant, part of the stimulus package, to improve energy efficiency at Township facilities to help West Bloomfield become a more sustainable community.

Job Title: Senior Planner
Company: West Bloomfield Township
College: University of Detroit Mercy, Sociology, Wayne State University, Urban Planning, Detroit, MI

Jonathan Shaw

At the Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion, our mission statement is to be the local public health preparedness organization providing comprehensive and coordinated emergency management mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for emergencies and disasters affecting the City of Detroit and the Metro Detroit area in order to protect the public peace, health, safety, lives, property and economic well-being of the city and the citizens.

Job Title: Assistant Emergency Manager
Company: City of Detroit
College: Eastern Michigan University, Masters degree, Information Security and Emergency Management, Ypsilanti, MI

Nick Helmholdt

I am working to re-stabilize the residential real estate market in Detroit neighborhoods. In my first month of this Americorps/LISC position I have come into contact with the Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention & Response, the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority, and Detroit city officials responsible for the demolition of derelict structures.

It is very exciting to be a part of Detroit's attempts to adapt to the challenges of a shrinking population, the decline of the "big three," and the combination of high-vacancy and low-density residential neighborhoods. A study abroad to the Ruhr region of Germany showed me how areas with similar circumstances can develop their cultural institutions and preserve their identities in spite of these severe problems.

Job Title: Neighborhood Stabilization Specialist
Company: Michigan State Housing Development Authority
College: Cornell University, College of Human Ecology, Masters in Human Environment & Design, Ithaca, NY

Jonathan Marko

I work directly for the chief Justice.  I draft opinions, orders, and memoranda under the direction of the Justice on case call or motion docket matters.  I prepare in advance of oral arguments, including reviewing cases, conducting required legal research, summarizing important facts and arguments and drafting and editing memos.  I review incoming motions, complaints, and petitions and advise the Justice on appropriate action.  I perform other duties as required by the Chief Justice to ensure the efficient administration of the office.  I advise the Justice on the law and positions of the parties, and make a recommendation on what she should do.

Job Title: Law Clerk to Chief Justice Marilyn Kelly
Company: Michigan Supreme Court
College: American University, Juris Doctor, Cum Laude, Washington, DC

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