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Viva la Rustbelt!

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What's the biggest problem facing the cities of the Rustbelt today? If your answer is "Why, the need to craft a new narrative, of course," then you'll probably want to check out Gluespace.

The Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE. Get it? GLUE?) is a multi-media documentary, networking, and creative research effort to involve 18- to 40-year-olds in the preservation of once-proud, now-declining cities like Buffalo, New York, Eerie, Penn., and our very own Detroit. Co-founded by a recently repatriated Detroiter, the group is off to a good start, with links to institutions like the College for Creative Studies and the Brookings Institute.

The Glue-sters are meeting this weekend in Buffalo, and will post interviews, podcasts and other findings at the Gluespace site. Stay tuned!
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