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Metro Detroit ranks 14th nationally in percentage job growth

In a good comeback story, Metro Detroit is no. 14 in the country in terms of percentage job growth from 2011 to 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

More here.

Post-industrial? Detroit needs a new word

Detroit's economy is facing forward. Now it just needs some new verbiage.


"Former heavy manufacturing hubs around the Great Lakes like Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee often get roped together under the heading of "post-industrial" (when, that is, we're not otherwise identifying them by their prevalence of rust). The term poses at least two problems, though: Industry still exists in many of these places, and the very notion of defining them by their relationship to the past can hamstring us from planning more thoughtfully for their future.

"You've got the 'post-war,' you've got 'post-modern,' you've got 'post-9/11,'" says Paul Kapp, an associate professor in the school of architecture at the University of Illinois and an editor of the book SynergiCity: Reinventing the Postindustrial City. He was speaking Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Planning Association (hosted in what's often considered the post-industrial city of Chicago). "You get to a point," Kapp says, "where you've got to say, 'When does post-something end and you do something new?' I think with 'post-industrial,' we're at that opportunity now. I think it's now time to come up with a new term."

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At the Detroit Zoo, a smaller green footprint

This spring and summer, green at the Detroit Zoo will go above and beyond vegetation, alligators, and tropical parrots. Its big green project, energy-efficient building rehabs, solar and electric golf carts, and ditching the disposable plastic water bottles.


"The Detroit Zoo has joined a handful of its peers nationally that are implementing green operational practices ranging from intense energy savings programs to green education.

It plans to invest about $4 million total in sustainable projects as part of a seven-year "greenprint" strategic plan during that time and in return to see zero waste going to landfills and a 25 percent reduction in the zoo's energy usage by 2020, COO Gerry VanAcker said."

More here.

Atlantic Cities maps Metro Detroit's creative class

A great, comprehensive article on how the 7.2-square-mile greater downtown Detroit is growing posher by the minute, it seems, and how and why its deindustrialized metros (and certain Detroit neighborhoods) are landing the creative class.


"Two of the top 10 creative class tracts are in Birmingham; two are in Bloomfield Township, and another is in Bloomfield Hills, home to some of the priciest real estate in the U.S. and the Cranbrook educational community. Designed by Finnish architect  Eliel Saarinen, the architecture critic  Paul Goldberger  called Cranbrook "one of the greatest campuses ever created anywhere in the world." University of Michigan's  Little  points out in an email to me: "Cranbrook graduates have added to the cutting edge design and creative communities of Detroit and the nation for decades."

Another top creative class tract is in nearby Troy, a sprawling middle-class suburb with excellent public schools, and the site of a high-end mall, the Somerset Collection. Two are in Huntington Woods, a leafy neighborhood that boasts such notable amenities as the public golf course  Rackham and the Detroit Zoo. Two more are in the "Grosse Pointes" — Grosse Pointe Farms and Grosse Pointe Park — the communities of choice for many of Detroit's old industrial magnates, whose lakeshores are lined with sprawling Gilded Age mansions."

More here.

Art scavenger hunt comes to Detroit this Friday

Skidmore Studios is organizing an art scavenger hunt on the streets of Detroit. Twenty-finve pieces of art will be 'hidden' around the city as part of The international Free Art Friday event (organized by Free Art Friday Detroit). The event is intended to introduce Detroiters to the works of independent artists and is part of an international effort.
"If you see a sculpture floating in a Detroit fountain Friday, or a painting perched on a statue, you may have stumbled onto the beginning of your own free art collection, and a surprising way to support the DIA.
You'll have to check a social media site to see if it's one of the offerings of Free Art Friday Detroit (FAFDET), a cross between a scavenger hunt and free art auction where people leave their artwork around the city for seekers to find and keep each week. They'll post photographic clues to the FAFDET Facebook page or Twitter with the hashtag #fafdet."
Get the skinny on how you can particpate here.

Royal Oak's 1xRun LLC moves to Detroit to accomodate growth

Metromode has written several times about 323East Gallery as well as their limited-edition print business called 1xRun LLC. We always expected big things and, well, big things have come.
"Owners Jesse Cory and Dan Armand will shut the Royal Oak gallery's doors at the end of the year, but a gallery at the new headquarters will replace it. 
Cory and Armand closed on the three-story, 10,000-square-foot building Nov. 29, paying $400,000 on a land contract. The building was renovated in 2005, including all new HVAC and fire control systems. The remnants of an employment business are on the first floor, and a handful of residential lofts are on the other floors."
Read the rest here.

Royal Oak sneaker sellers to become stars of Eminem-produced YouTube series

The owners of Royal Oak's Burn Rubber aren't only getting their own Internet program, it's being supported by the Michigan Film Incentive and produced by Detroit native son, Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem).
"Detroit Rubber will follow Rick Williams and Roland “Ro” Coit, owners of the Royal Oak sneaker shop Burn Rubber. In addition to opening a new boutique, called two/eighteen, the show will highlight these Michigan entrepreneurs as they balance family, a growing business and day to day struggles. The show will be released on the premium YouTube channel Loud."
Read the rest here.

Mitt-Mob busts a move at Royal Oak Farmers Market

Last Wednesday the "Mitt Mob" showed up at the Royal Oak Farmer's Market to shake their groove thing and bring their message of buying and supporting local businesses to the masses. Their slogan is "Keep the money in the Mitt."
Check out the video below.


Royal Oak cupcake champions celebrate win

Back in April the gals who own and run Royal Oak's Taste Love Cupcakes emerged champions on the Food Network's "Cupcake Wars." The win couldn't have come at a better time since the shop hadn't yet hit its stride and talk of closing was in the year. Ah, what a difference salmon caramel cupcakes can make.
"That episode will re-air at 7 p.m. Tuesday, and to celebrate, Michelle Brown and Yolanda Baston of Taste Love Cupcakes will offer the very products that won the "war.""
Read more here.

Pure Michigan Singalong shows off Metro Detroit, becomes a web sensation

Come on, you gotta have a heart of stone not to be touched by this clever Pure Michigan promotional. And at nearly 2 million views in less than 2 weeks that's a helluva successful campaign.
Let's see if I caught all of our region's reps. There's the Erebus' ghouls (Pontiac), a high falutin' toast in Rochester, Royal Oak's polar bears, a Southfield weatherman, The Henry Ford (Dearborn), Ann Arbor's Big House, Detroit's Comerica Park, Lions, DIA, and Fox Theater, an ice rink in Novi, and the Ypsilanti Water Tower. Did I miss any?
Check out the video below.

Royal Oak says okay to bikeshaws

With it's vibrant downtown, loft housing options, and ever-growing "sense of place," Royal Oak has been one of metro Detroit's fastest evolving communities. And since it's a mystery as to when rail will ever make it to the Woodward Avenue corridor it was inevitable someone would introduce some alternative transportation. Meet bike taxi service driver Sean Paraventi.


"From Thursday to Sunday, now until the snow gets in the way, Paraventi plans to be out in Royal Oak with his bikeshaw, offering rides. He already has pedaled his way into the hearts of Royal Oak regulars such as Karen Mchugh.

Bikeshaw in Royal Oak "I think it's really comfortable, much more than I thought it would be," Mchugh said. "Sean seems in tune with the safety and watching out for cars and people as well.""

Read / watch the rest here.

Richard Florida asks: Is Detroit becoming a suburb?

In a provocative article, the Creative Class guru talks about the distinction between city and suburb today. He compares Motown to Urban-burbs like Ferndale, Royal Oak, Birmingham and Ann Arbor, metro Detrtoit communities that are evolving their urban design to adapt to changing community standards.


"The old distinctions between "city" and "suburb" do seem to be blurring. Urban neighborhoods are improving safety, upgrading schools, adding parks and bike lanes to their existing urban fabric, while suburban ones are adding density, walkability and mixed-use districts to their existing safe streets and good schools."

Read the rest here.

Beaumont and U-M Hospital top U.S. News best list

Those U.S. News chaps sure do like their lists. Must be some money in them, huh? Seems they've changed their creteria and that has resulted in a shake-up of sorts (reputation is no longer weighted). Along with ranking Michigan hospitals for their quality of care they've picked U-M in Ann Arbor (ranked 17th overall) as among the best in the nation. Beaumont in Royal Oak came in number 2 in the Mitten with 10 nationally ranked soecialities.

You can see the rankings here.

Crain's has a write-up here.

Thousands of skate boarders show support for Hamtramck skatepark

There is an old skater addage: If your city doesn't have a skatepark your city becomes a skatepark. For the thousands of boarders who showed up and off at Detroit's Hart Plaza and then partied in Royal Oak, the creation of The Rideit Skate Park in Hamtramck was mission one.


"Many of the skateboarders flooded the downtown streets in unison after the event at Hart Plaza, and then went to the after party in Royal Oak where many skaters stood in line, partied in the parking lots and gave previews of cool moves before entering the 80,000 sq. ft. building filled with ramps, which are geared for both the most experienced and the ones just starting out."

Read the rest here.

Turning Metro Detroit into an artist's canvass

Here's a little fact you may not know... Philadelphia has over 3000 murals. And it's a point of pride for the city, an enthusiastic display of local and imported artistic expression. Could Detroit and the metro area be open to the same kind of initiative?


Idiosyncratic murals painted by some of the world's most famous street and graffiti artists have been popping up on walls across Metro Detroit, from Eastern Market to Hamtramck to Royal Oak.

Behind the murals are Hamtramck-based arts group Contra Projects and the owners of Royal Oak-based 323East gallery, which together hatched the Detroit Beautification Project.

Asked why they formed the group, Contra Projects director Matthew Eaton gestured at illicit graffiti tags defacing a brick wall in Eastern Market. "Have you seen this place?" he asked, looking around. "What's the downside of letting artists make the city look more colorful and engaging?"

Read the rest here.
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