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Venture Capital

In a span of four years, nearly $700 million in venture capital has been invest in over 100 businesses in Michigan. For new emerging technology initiatives, Michigan has created the $150 million Venture Michigan Fund to catalyze investment in early-stage firms operating in Michigan. With the matching requirement, this initiative will attract an additional $450 million in capital to Michigan for investment in promising new companies.

Venture Capital Features

Will Metro Detroit's Tech Community Ever Be Color Blind?

Metro Detroit has a long history of cultural silos and regional segregation. So how does its tech and entrepreneurial community create opportunites for greater racial and cultural diversity? There's no easy answer but places like Silicon Valley are implementing aggressive and sustained efforts to bridge a divide local business leaders barely acknowledge.

Guest Blogger: Carrie Jones

Not long ago, Michigan start-ups just weren't getting the venture capital love. No more. Carrie Jones, president of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, discusses the state's big climb in the national VC rankings, and why start-ups are moving to Michigan.

Accelerating SE Michigan's Business Ecosystem

In the shadow of this past weekend's Big Chill hockey extravaganza, The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition --an American Idol-style contest for start-ups-- was held in Ann Arbor. More important than the $1 million in cash and support handed out was the collaboration exhibited by regional business leaders. Is there a new age of cooperation dawning in SE Michigan?

Building A Start-up City

Adversity is the mother of invention. Or so they say. And Michigan is proving them true. While the rest of the country has seen a decline in business formation, cities like Ann Arbor are experiencing a start-up spike.

The Making Of An Angel

Innovative ideas? Check. Enthusiastic management team? Check. Capital? Er... working on it. For all Michigan's talk of developing a new economy, its start-ups still need local investors. More specifically: Angel investors. Now, a few VC-savvy players are trying to encourage a new way of thinking in the state's old world entrepreneurs.
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