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Green Building

Lawrence Tech - Southfield
Lawrence Tech - Southfield
Surprise! Michigan is ranked in the top 13 states for energy-efficient buildings and Detroit is the stand-out when it comes to larger construction. The list of organizations, foundations and educational institutions promoting a greener Mitten State seems to grow by the day. From Greenbuilt Michigan to Lawrence Technological University's Center for Sustainability, the region is tightening its green belt and looking healthier for it. Even auto giant Ford is getting in on the action, turning their sprawling Rouge Plant in Dearborn into a model of green building.

Green Building Features

Metro Detroit schools are going Green, Emerald and Evergreen

These three classifications are the result of a growing statewide dedication to eco-friendly education and environmental activities through the Michigan Green Schools program.

The future of the Highland Park Ford Plant is in the past

There is a growing appreciation that industrial buildings built in the past present one-of-a-kind reuse opportunities today. Case in point: the vacant, 105 year-old Highland Park Ford Plant, which holds great potential both within its walls and for the surrounding neighborhood.

Can Southgate Become an Anchor for Regional Sustainability and Affordability?

The Michigan Suburbs Alliance is piloting Green Anchors, an innovative program that takes a holistic approach to affordable housing, green building and community engagment. The plan is to turn the tenants of newly renovated Southgate homes into neighborhood evangelists for energy efficiency. Think of it as a 'Domino Effect' of sustainability. 

Ferndale Firm Seeks to Provide Energy Everywhere and Anywhere

If you're looking for a local company that represents what's next in renewable energy innovation, Zerobase is probably your best bet. The firm specializes in off-the-grid power logistics for inhospitable environments. Luckily, it has found its new digs in downtown Ferndale to be just the opposite - a perfect community for its high tech employees.

How Building Design Can Reflect A Community's Persona

In many ways, buildings are the face of the community. Through their design, materials, and placement they express the character of a place. So, what two buildings best represent the current values and personality of Ferndale and Royal Oak? Metromode takes a look.
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Green Building Blogs

Brad Garmon

Metro Detroit recently landed a $2.85 million Sustainable Communities grant to help the region become more dense and develop its transit options. Brad Garmon, land programs director at the Michigan Environmental Council, offers a free-thinking approach to connecting the historically disparate forces of housing, land use, and eco-consciousness.

Peggy Brennan

With all the talk of innovation areas that Michigan is betting its dollars and future on: life sciences, advanced manufacturing, homeland security, and IT, are we missing something? Eco businesses, which supply high wage jobs and focus on sustainable use of our resources, are equally deserving of attention. As such, we're bringing back a previous blog from the owner of the Green Garage, a green business incubator in Midtown Detroit that's set to open this September.

Peggy Brennan

Creating green, sustainable communities in Detroit will take more than just fuzzy, eco-friendly sentiments. For Peggy Brennan, co-owner of the soon-to-open Green Garage, a Detroit-based business incubator for conservation-minded businesses, it's mission critical. We bring back Peggy's blog on net zero energy design, why LEED certified isn't enough, and how Detroit is ready to go green.

Jason Bing

Earth Day reminds us that it's a green globe we live in. Meet Jason Bing, manager of Recycle Ann Arbor's Environmental House, a facilitator of healthy, energy- efficient home and workplace construction in Southeast Michigan. He holds a graduate degree in architecture and is a LEED accredited professional. Jason will be writing about local and national energy initiatives, issues and ideas.

Jacob Corvidae

Jacob Corvidae is our guest blogger this week. He is is the Green Programs Manager for WARM Training Center and co-founder of Sustainable Detroit. Not one to mince words, Jacob offers his thoughts on the challenges our region faces now and in the future.Check back here every weekday for Jacob's thoughts.

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