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Local architects are dreaming up designs that make you forget Southeast Michigan is part of the Rustbelt. Local talent -- many trained at U-M, Lawrence Tech, University of Detroit Mercy and Cranbrook -- are making buildings green, modern and breathtaking.

Architecture Features

OpEd: The city needs to help Detroiters finance home restorations

The city of Detroit is encouraging the rehabbing of delinquent homes through initiatives such as Neighbors Wanted, but funds are limited and the work timeframe too short. Detroit landlord and Castle CEO Max Nussenbaum offers up more realistic financing ideas.  

Metro Detroit: Under the radar

Feeling a bit like you're doing the same old, same old in metro Detroit? Looking for something a tad less obvious to do or see? Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg gives you the down low on places, events and venues that are off the beaten path, under the radar, or just plain under-appreciated.

Made in Michigan: Modernism

Michigan is home to an impressive list of inventions and innovations, but few would give a shout out to Modern design. Cranbrook, the state's Historic Preservation Office, and Preserve America would like to change that. This week launches an effort to raise awareness about the Mitten's profound contributions to American Modernism.

Michigan Hosts the Architectural & Industrial Design Event of the Year

State Historic Preservation Office launches blockbuster show June 14 at Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills.

Guest Blogger: Brian Hurttienne

Be it resolved for Detroit 2013: street-level economic rebuilding will continue. Brian Hurtienne, executive director of Villages Community Development Corporation, writes about a greenway for Kercheval Avenue and how a pop-up to permanent strategy is building the retail trade.
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Architecture Blogs

Mark Nickita

Ideally Detroit's buildings should be as changeable as a set of Legos; the reality is a bit different. Architect Mark Nickita, co-founder of Archive Design Studio, returns to write about the repositioning of under-producing properties and why cities are best seen on foot.

Norm Silk

"There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." –Anais Nin. Take it from Norm Silk, owner of Blossoms florist, who discusses the growth and challenges (the Iceland volcano) of the floral industry. Then follow his rehab of Detroit's only Frank Lloyd Wright property, and progress report on the Woodward Avenue Action Association's work on 6 to 8 Mile's commercial strip.

Rebecca Binno Savage

It is the work of a historic preservationist to keep buildings out of the graveyard. Well-known preservationist Rebecca Binno Savage, a project manager with AKT Peerless Environmental and Energy Services, has written the book on Detroit area Art Deco architecture. This week, she digs into a few vintage buildings and builds a case for their resurrection.

Peggy Brennan

Creating green, sustainable communities in Detroit will take more than just fuzzy, eco-friendly sentiments. For Peggy Brennan, co-owner of the soon-to-open Green Garage, a Detroit-based business incubator for conservation-minded businesses, it's mission critical. We bring back Peggy's blog on net zero energy design, why LEED certified isn't enough, and how Detroit is ready to go green.

Michael Poris

From a master plan for North Corktown to designing public spaces for the Michigan Opera, Michael Poris, has his hand all over downtown Detroit. A principal of architectural firm McIntosh Poris Associates, Michael continues to offer up solutions for the city's revival. Key points: Down with demolition and a call for an economic development czar.
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Architecture Videos

Jacobsen Daniels: Planning Airports and the Aerotropolis

In eight years this airport planning firm has grown more than ten fold, bought a building in downtown Ypsilanti and count many of the nation's biggest airports as their clients. From internships to aerotropolis development, Jacobsen Daniels is not only the kind of new economy business Michigan needs more of, they are passionately invested in their community's future.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Palmer House

Built in the early 1950s, the Palmer House in Ann Arbor has been referred to as the "Michelangelo" of Frank Lloyd Wright's residential masterpieces. And now you can spend a night, a week, or even a month in this home with no right angles.

The Flute House

It's residential. It's commercial. It's two very cool tastes in one. Proving that Royal Oak's urban development has still got it going ah-on, the Flute House will be an innovative addition to Main Street. No ordinary live/work space is this. Instead it's a cherry red gateway to downtown's new economy identity.

Can You say "Pecha Kucha"?

From Istanbul to Indianapolis, Dresden to Detroit, Pecha Kucha is spreading. No, it's not a fungus. It's Show n' Tell for smart people. Designers, artists, architects, filmmakers and all species of creatives get roughly 7 minutes and 20 slides to strut their stuff. Innovation is a must. Mileage may vary.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Turkel House

Is it art, or architecture? Frank Lloyd Wright has been called everything from a genius to a charlatan. Take a tour of the Dorothy Turkel House --the only Wright home left in the Motor City-- and decide for yourself.
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