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The Waters of Lake Superior at the bay in Munising

What I learned from a week biking the trails of the U.P.

Writer Mark Wedel has plenty of experience on long bicycle treks--but the U.P. presented some new challenges. Here, he shares his recent trail journey, for those who might be considering such a trip.

Cycling the Windsor riverfront

Freewheeling in Windsor: A short journey to the deep south of Canada

Windsor, Ontario is closer to downtown Detroit than its suburbs, yet so few of us take the time to explore this charming city to our south. Last month, we decided to go there with open minds and virtually no plans to see what we've been missing.


Clearing the Trail For More Talent

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has been a big supporter of trail development projects in southeast Michigan, awarding over half of its municipal grant funding to the cause. These trails, many converted from old railways, connect downtowns with parks and recreation. The benefits aren't just health and recreation-wise, they're also economic, paving the way to attracting new residents. 


A Tern for the Better: The Detroit River Comeback

Oh, the difference a couple of tern chicks make. For decades the Detroit River was a repository for industrial pollution and waste. Now, through both international cooperation and private-public partnerships the health of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge is slowly but steadily rebounding.

Stone Fly

Photo Essay: Searching for Stoneflies on the Clinton River

What is a stonefly? Why are people tromping around the Clinton River in the dead of winter counting them? Metromode's intrepid photographer Dave Lewinski lets you in on the answers to these questions from the comfort of your warm cozy homes. (Hint: It has a lot to do with the health of our waterways.)


Developing Macomb's Blue Economy

Water, water everywhere... Did you know that Macomb County has one of the highest concentrations of marinas and registered boaters in the U.S.? Changing attitudes about our natural resources have inspired local leaders to launch a comprehensive "Blue Economy" Initiative, aimed at nurturing, developing and capitalizing on Macomb's liquid assets.


Don't Reject, Resurrect

Every community has a once-glorious, now abandoned building. And even in these tough fiscal times, there are good reasons to rebuild. The Marquee in Redford Township is a perfect example. What was once a mothballed library has been reimagined as a vibrant downtown market and community gathering space.


NoHam Skate and Sculpture Park Ramps Up

NoHam joins Farmington Hills and Ann Arbor in the Metro Detroit skatepark movement. Filling a vacant lot with a bowl, quarter pipe, bank, and hip is only Phase I for the nonprofit organizers of Power House Productions. These urban innovators envision a sustainable, skatable sculpture park that will become a destination for local boarders and BMXers.

Top Ten ABS

10 Things To Do In Metro Detroit Before Summer Ends

The countdown has begun, summer is winding down. And if you're like us, there's a list of stuff you meant to do while the weather was warm and the days were long. But where to start? Well, we've got some thoughts about that...


Metro Detroit's Watery Future

Michigan may be known as the Mitten state, but we're really more of a flipper. After all, we have more coastline than any place else in the continental U.S.. So, what are we doing to leverage this unique position? From energy to tourism, boating to high tech, Dennis Archambault looks at how metro Detroit is capitalizing  on its greatest natural resource.

Where Metro Detroit Meets Middle Earth

Giant haunted houses, a popular renaissance festival, Theatre Bizarre, and now LARP. Metro Detroit is home to a surprising number of fantastical past times, drawing eclectic and enthusiastic crowds. But more than just dress up, Live Action Role Playing is a full immersion experience.

The 10 Things You MUST Do Outside In Metro Detroit This Summer

The poet William Carlos Williams once wrote, "In summer, the song sings itself." This week, Metromode hums along with a list of outside Metro Detroit places and events you must experience this summer.

Metro Detroit Goes Au Natural

After a century of aggressive industrialization, Metro Detroit is seeing the intentional and unintentional benefits of the downturn - the return of nature. From greenways to land conservancy, our region is getting greener and wilder. Metromode's Dennis Archambault explains why that's a good thing.

Turning Metro Green

With all the talk of going green and clean, just how sustainable is Metro Detroit becoming? Over the last year Metromode has run across a growing number of businesses, leaders, and initiatives that are nudging Michigan's economy and lifestyle toward the green end of the spectrum. This week we round up evidence that our region is putting its money where its mouth is.

Going Green On The Cheap: Low Impact Development

Sometimes it's the little things that count. What might seem like flower gardens or stretches of grass can be valiant guardians of the health of the region's waterways. Low impact development uses native plants to minimize the impact of water overflow into lakes and streams -- and looks pretty doing it.
16 Articles | Page: | Show All
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