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Dearborn's Carhartt takes their rugged brand to a worldwide audience

For 125 years Carhartt has made clothing for blue collar professionals, developing a strong reputation for reliability and durability - features the fashion industry has rarely celebrated. But with a growing appreciation for craftsmanship - particularly among millennials - the  Dearborn-based company has found a new and enthusiastic audience.


Toby Barlow sinks his teeth into the local ad industry

The auto industry has rebounded but the ad industry is in a state of flux. So what does that mean for metro Detroit firms? Metromode sits down with Team Detroit's Toby Barlow to get his thoughts on where things are, where they're headed, and how local agencies fit in.


From Bath City to Tech City: Mt. Clemens

When an old firehouse becomes the new home of eyeWyre Software Studios, you know things are evolving. That's the story of downtown Mt. Clemens, which is increasingly becoming a cool, affordable waterfront downtown for high-tech firms.


Making a Ripple Rather Than a Blast

Hans Hegge was into texting before anyone knew the meaning of "LOL." It's hard to believe but six years ago text message technology was an open frontier. And Hegge's Text Ripple was an early pioneer. Today the Auburn Hills-based text marketing company has clients in 38 states and big plans for the next tech innovation.


Being A Mompreneur: A Conversation with Lynne Golodner

Working from home is one thing. Running a successful business with employees out of your house is another. Lynne Golodner not only found a way to stay at home and grow her PR firm, Your People, she attracted a like-minded staff. Metromode asks her how she does it.

Full Press Success: A Q&A with John Gongos

Despite his company's huge successes, John Gongos doesn't consider himself an entrepreneur. The veteran market researcher does, however, have strong opinions about leadership, developing talent, and taking a smart approach to business growth. Metromode's Jon Zemke get's the skinny.

Embracing Change: A Q&A with Marcie Brogan

From the smokey cocktail parties of the '60s to the caffeine and Facebook fueled world of the Internet, advertising exec Marcie Brogan has seen it all. More importantly, she has embraced rather than resisted the inevitable changes in her industry. Metromode chats with her about the state of Metro Detroit's advertising firms -- past and present.

Double Lives: Jim Miller

Jim Miller is restless... In that fingers-in-many-pies sorta way. Not only is he Metro Detroit's go-to guy for marketing and PR as a member of Franco's Leadership Team, he's also a children's book author. As Nikka Costa sings, "everybody got their something".

Creating Creativity: A Q&A with ePrize's Josh Linkner

ePrize is arguably one of the most innovative companies in Metro Detroit, attracting a younger generation of creative professionals and techies. Metromode sits down with founder and CEO Josh Linkner to talk about creativity, entrepreneurship, and realigning the region's approach to its future.

Becoming The Boss: A Q&A with Paul Bartlett

From employee to employer, Paul Bartlett made the jump many dream of but few dare to try. Kittyhawk Studios is an Internet marketing boutique that has attracted A-list clients and a stable of virtual workers. And Bartlett has done it all from the comfort of his vintage Rochester home.

Patrons Of The Scene

To establish a successful creative scene you need a critical mass of topnotch artists and performers, a dedicated local audience and savvy event promoters. Metro Detroit's got plenty of the first but struggles to effectively attract the second because there are only a few of the third. Or so says Walter Wasacz, FilterD's editor and Metromode's cultural connoisseur.

The Art Of Business: A Q&A with Jesse Cory

Internet marketing or hipster art gallery? It's two great tastes in one. Jesse Cory is the brainchild behind both 323 East and Ohm Creative Group in Royal Oak. But the split identity doesn't end there. He also shuttles between Metro Detroit and Brooklyn, NY - doing business in both. Metromode caught up with him to talk entrepreneurship, street art and Kwame mugs.

Early Adopt Or Die: A Q&A with Melih Oztalay

Birmingham-based entrepreneur Melih Oztalay is an Internet veteran. As the founder of SmartFinds Internet Marketing he's witnessed and survived the roller coaster effects of the web-based economy. Jon Zemke chats with Oztalay about innovating, investing, and incentivizing entrepreneurship in Metro Detroit.

Team Detroit

Think of them as a five-headed hydra of creativity and marketing savvy. Dearborn's Team Detroit melded the best and brightest from WPP's top agencies into a single ad shop bent on world domination. Or, at the very least, attracting lots of happy clients. Michelle Martinez gets under their hood and checks out how this engine of ideas operates.

Social Media: Teaching Metro Detroit's Old Guard New Tricks

From technology to business models, change is coming fast and furious, and Metro Detroit is looking for both a digital and generational leg up. Metromode's editor Jeff Meyers sits down with one of the organizers of this weekend's FutureMidwest social media conference to discuss how our region can leverage online tools and better activate its young professionals.

A Company Of Experts

From deli sandwiches to digital advertising, some Metro Detroit companies are reinventing the employer-employee relationship. The result? A happy band of brand experts ...and evangelists.

From Scratch: Ring Ring

When opportunity rang Aaron Beals answered. The West Bloomfield 26 year-old realized that not only is there power in numbers, phone numbers specifically, there's money in what those numbers can spell. Thus was born Ring Ring, the place where companies go for their vanity phone number. It's a pity M-e-t-r-o-m-o-d-e has too many letters.

Browsing By Design

Videos, Internet marketing, fine art and Kwame's mug: 323 East in Royal Oak has become one-stop shopping for creative inspiration. Home to the Ohm Creative Group, this storefront firm and art gallery is an ambitious (and successful!) merger of innovative business and unbridled expression.

Talent By Design

From advertising to automotive to film, the College for Creative Studies' influence on the design world is far and wide. More importantly, its students exactly represent the kind of creative class professionals Michigan will need to transform its economy.

From Scratch: Aqaba Technologies

Ramsey Sweis was 2.0 before the term was invented. Leaving his engineering job at General Motors behind while the Internet was still in its infancy, he jumped head-first into the wireless world and never looked back. Now, his web-optimization firm Aqaba Technologies is connecting SE Michigan to the rest of the world.

The Business Of Giving

For good or bad, the days of no strings attached donations are fading into the sunset. There's a new 'value-added' approach to philanthropy and non-profits who know how to appeal to the needs of corporate donors are yielding the lion's share of financial support. 

Michigan Jobs 2.0

As Michigan evolves its economy, innovative high-tech companies are successfully planting their flags in uncharted territory. For job seekers, however, it means applying for a position that didn't exist five years ago. Kimberly Chou takes a look at three local companies and the cutting edge jobs they're creating.

Google High

Along with the promise of 1,000 new jobs, Google's Adwords office is embracing Ann Arbor in unexpected ways: assisting local non-profits and even teaching high school.

Guest Blogger: Ron Suarez

Dr. Ron Suarez is our guest blogger this week. Ron is a serial entrepreneur and Arbor City Councilmember and founder of Promovuz, a company offering digital music promotion, statistics and sales.

Check back here each week day to read Ron's thoughts on media, technology and how to do your own podcast.

Guest Blogger: Doug Rothwell

Metromode's guest blogger this week is Doug Rothwell, president of Detroit Renaissance. Here's what he has to say about transforming the region's economy.
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