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Beer Is Fun! Q&A with entrepreneur Mike Plesz

Beer here now! If anyone knows the meaning of those word it's Mike Plesz. The serial brewpreneur has been launching local microbrew pubs since 1994. His latest endeavor --Rochester's Mind Body & Spirits-- is a successful sustainability-oriented restaurant. Plesz talks with Metromode about beer, local food production, green practices, and more beer. Bottoms up!

From Blogs To Bucks

Everyone and their granny has a blog. But how many web-based wordsmiths know how to earn a buck for their efforts? From blog-based record labels to Internet journalists to movie deals for embarrassing text messages, some Metro Detroit bloggers are turning their passions into paychecks.

Motor City Denim

If you're looking for proof that Metro Detroit's economy is in a period of evolution, take a gander at Motor City Denim - a partnership between an old school auto industry supplier and new school fashion designer. The brainchild of Joe Faris (of Project Runway fame) and TD Industrial Coverings, this all-local enterprise is a declaration of and commitment to Metro Detroit's resiliency.

Becoming Urbane: A Q&A with Eric Brown

Eric Brown not only discovered his entrepreneurial muscle later in life, he also discovered his new urbanist, social media leanings. As CEO and co-founder of Urbane Apts, Brown has his finger on Metro Detroit's rental pulse, and has found success in a market that traditionally caters to home owners.

Concentrate Speaker Series: A Shadow Art Community

Ypsilanti has developed a rep for being the place for local artists and do-it-yourself creatives. The Shadow Art Fair has played no small part in making this happen. Concentrate's Speaker Series has invited the organizers --members of the Michigan Design Militia-- to talk about their experiences and what their success means for our region's future. Sign up now for this November 10th event!

Creating Creativity: A Q&A with ePrize's Josh Linkner

ePrize is arguably one of the most innovative companies in Metro Detroit, attracting a younger generation of creative professionals and techies. Metromode sits down with founder and CEO Josh Linkner to talk about creativity, entrepreneurship, and realigning the region's approach to its future.

Model D Speaker Series & Rotman Reception

"When it comes to U.S. job growth, startup companies aren't everything. They're the only thing."-Kauffman Foundation study on U.S. job growthJoin us October 13 at the Max M. Fisher Center to learn about innovative new initiatives fueling start-ups in Detroit. Mahendra Ramsinghani will talk about a unique partnership between Invest Detroit, TechTown and Ann Arbor SPARK. We'll also hear from Brendan Calder, an innovation expert and venture capitalist from the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

Becoming The Boss: A Q&A with Paul Bartlett

From employee to employer, Paul Bartlett made the jump many dream of but few dare to try. Kittyhawk Studios is an Internet marketing boutique that has attracted A-list clients and a stable of virtual workers. And Bartlett has done it all from the comfort of his vintage Rochester home.

The Young & Entrepreneurial: A Q&A with Jon Citrin

Jon Citrin is not your everyday ordinary financial services guy. The 33-year-old entrepreneur has a distinctly next generation view of business that has grown his Birmingham-based office into a firm to watch. Metromode's Jon Zemke gets Citrin's opinions on building a business, creating successful internships, locating downtown, and evaluating Mick Jagger's economic acumen.

The Entrepreneurial Life (So Far) of Paul Chambers

From IT to popcorn, 29-year-old Paul Chambers has had more than just a kernel of success. This co-founder and CEO of Core3 Solutions and owner of two Dale & Thomas Popcorn franchises has had entrepreneurship running through his veins since age five.

SEMichiganStartup.com Chronicle's The Region's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

There is a new business publication in Motown, and its rounding up all of the small businesses and entrepreneurs with big ideas. It's call SEMichiganStartup.com and its created by Issue Media Group in partnership with the New Economy Initiative.

An Early Adopter: A Q&A With Pete Bonner

It's a family affair. Pete Bonner didn't just marry into the family business, he helped create it. An early pioneer in the Internet automotive business, he and his in-laws have become successful serial entrepreneurs, finding new (and profitable) ways to connect the Big Three to the web.

Zingerman's Seeds Entrepreneurship

It's no surprise that Zingerman's breeds a love of food in its staff, but entrepreneurship? Julianne Mattera talks to a trio of former employees who have taken what they've learned from Ann Arbor's beloved deli and turned it into successful businesses across the country.

The Art Of Business: A Q&A with Jesse Cory

Internet marketing or hipster art gallery? It's two great tastes in one. Jesse Cory is the brainchild behind both 323 East and Ohm Creative Group in Royal Oak. But the split identity doesn't end there. He also shuttles between Metro Detroit and Brooklyn, NY - doing business in both. Metromode caught up with him to talk entrepreneurship, street art and Kwame mugs.

Metro Detroit Needs More Disruptive Thinking

"Game changing technologies". "Thinking outside the box". "Bucking the status quo". Business is big on innovative jargon, but what does it really take to remake the economic landscape? Whether it was the automobile a hundred years ago or last year's iPad, disruptive thinking is more than just risk-taking entrepreneurship, it's the business of course-altering creation. And the financial impacts are staggering.
198 Articles | Page: | Show All
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