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Zingerman's Seeds Entrepreneurship

It's no surprise that Zingerman's breeds a love of food in its staff, but entrepreneurship? Julianne Mattera talks to a trio of former employees who have taken what they've learned from Ann Arbor's beloved deli and turned it into successful businesses across the country.

The Art Of Business: A Q&A with Jesse Cory

Internet marketing or hipster art gallery? It's two great tastes in one. Jesse Cory is the brainchild behind both 323 East and Ohm Creative Group in Royal Oak. But the split identity doesn't end there. He also shuttles between Metro Detroit and Brooklyn, NY - doing business in both. Metromode caught up with him to talk entrepreneurship, street art and Kwame mugs.

Metro Detroit Needs More Disruptive Thinking

"Game changing technologies". "Thinking outside the box". "Bucking the status quo". Business is big on innovative jargon, but what does it really take to remake the economic landscape? Whether it was the automobile a hundred years ago or last year's iPad, disruptive thinking is more than just risk-taking entrepreneurship, it's the business of course-altering creation. And the financial impacts are staggering.

Detroit Fashion: State of the Art?

When New York fashionistas ask designer Katerina Bocci why she's in Michigan, her reply is: "We are able to make beautiful cars... so why aren't we able to make fashion?" How true! Metromode gets the skinny on Metro Detroit's budding fashion industry - what's here, where it's going, and what it needs.

Early Adopt Or Die: A Q&A with Melih Oztalay

Birmingham-based entrepreneur Melih Oztalay is an Internet veteran. As the founder of SmartFinds Internet Marketing he's witnessed and survived the roller coaster effects of the web-based economy. Jon Zemke chats with Oztalay about innovating, investing, and incentivizing entrepreneurship in Metro Detroit.

When Slow Growth Means Smart Growth

For most companies the mantra is: grow big and grow fast. Of course, given the current economy, any growth would be a blessing. But what if slow growth were the long term strategy? With a focus on work/life issues, purpose, and entrepreneurial pride, some Metro Detroit firms have consciously decided they'd rather be the tortoise than the hare.

The Young & Entrepreneurial: Jake Sigal

When someone asks why young professionals matter for Metro Detroit's future, think of people like Jake Sigal. The 28-year-old Ferndale resident took his love of music and penchant for entrepreneurship and not only helped invent the USB turntable for DJs, he started Livio Radio, a company that employs 15 people and has attracted support from Michigan's largest VC group.

Hungry For Success

Metro Detroit's young gun restaurateurs are thriving in an otherwise tough economy. Balancing style, location, and affordability, they've created popular eateries that cater to hip and enthusiastic crowds.

Could Film Be Michigan's Gold Rush? A Q&A with Harvey Ovshinsky

"It's in our DNA to do amazing things," says Harvey Ovshinsky. Metromode's Jon Zemke sits down with the veteran video producer and screenwriter to talk about Michigan's Film Incentives and their potential impact on the state's investment opportunities, job growth, and brain drain.

The Land Of Small Giants

Sometimes bigger isn't better. In Ann Arbor the small giant movement is catching on, and it's attracting some Metro Detroit companies as well. Their philosophy? Profit is good but the bottom line should not be the be all / end all of your company's existence.

Know Y: Young and Entrepreneurial (a.k.a Doin' Stuff)

Throw a stone in the air in Ann Arbor and if you miss a student or professor you're bound to bruise an entrepreneur. Writer Kate Rose decided to seek out a few of the city's young start-up types to better understand what drives them to succeed and how they turned obstacles into opportunities.

From Scratch: G-Romance

Between 2000 and 2005, the number of same-sex couples nationwide grew by over 30 percent. Compare that to 6 percent growth in the overall U.S. and you can't help but ask: How are all these folks meeting up? Metromode's Tanya Muzumdar talks with the owner and founder of G-Romance, the nation's first-ever (and much-needed) LGBTQ matchmaking website.

Social Media: Teaching Metro Detroit's Old Guard New Tricks

From technology to business models, change is coming fast and furious, and Metro Detroit is looking for both a digital and generational leg up. Metromode's editor Jeff Meyers sits down with one of the organizers of this weekend's FutureMidwest social media conference to discuss how our region can leverage online tools and better activate its young professionals.

Ignite Ferndale

Every city strives to bring business to its downtown but few know how to attract thousands of Facebook fans. Ferndale's leaders want to add a few entrepreneurs to its mix of funky, artsy, and hip businesses. Actually, a lot of entrepreneurs. So they're using social media and online communication to build real-world opportunities.

It's More Than Food, It's A Business

Take a cup of culinary love, add a tablespoon of entrepreneurship and bake in Metro Detroit's DIY business culture. What do you get?  A trio of locally-based food companies that are starting to land their products in markets across the country.
186 Articles | Page: | Show All
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