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Shifting Gears: A Conversation with Sean Simpson

Sean Simpson isn't just the co-founder of a lean, mean start-up, he lives his life like his start-up. As one of the brains behind Autobike, a company working to make a smarter, more intuitive gear shifter, Simpson chucked the 9-5 grind of corporate engineering to enter the burn-the-candle-from-both-ends world of entrepreneurship. He couldn't be happier.

Our Pop-Up Kitchen Scene

They're like the Brigadoons of cuisine, restaurants that appear for one night then vanish into the ether, leaving their fans hungry for their next appearance (which is usually far less than 100 years). Pop-up kitchens are... well... popping up around Metro Detroit, giving budding restaurateurs their first taste of what it's like to run an eatery.

Metromode Speaker Event: Growing Companies

Join Metromode and Model D Feb. 29 at the newly renovated M@dison Building, home to Detroit Venture Partners and a growing family of companies, for a conversation about getting from startup to second stage. Registration begins now.

Dearborn Gets Brightly Twisted

Quick, what's a product that's made in Dearborn, sold all across the U.S. and born from Michigan entrepreneurial spirit? Oh, and it has nothing to do with the auto industry. The answer is: scarves. But not only scarves. Dearborn's Brightly Twisted is a fast growing fashion company that's got plans as bold as its colors.

TechniMed: An Entrepreneurial Leap Of Faith

In 2004 Pamela Laity and her husband cashed in their savings and 401k's to launch TechniMed, a medical billing company. The risk was big but the timing couldn't have been better. With big changes in private and public insurance billing practices, the Laitys have turned their gamble into success and expansion, becoming the newest member of Troy's Next Wave business incubator.

Eastern Market: A Food Hub for Metro Detroit and Beyond

Establishing a sustainable and vibrant market for local food is a challenging mix of production, distribution, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. Detroit's Eastern Market is meeting those challenges head on. With 100 years of history and experience, this innovative institution is breaking new ground with its focus on developing a stronger regional food system while encouraging the success of smaller growers.

Being A Mompreneur: A Conversation with Lynne Golodner

Working from home is one thing. Running a successful business with employees out of your house is another. Lynne Golodner not only found a way to stay at home and grow her PR firm, Your People, she attracted a like-minded staff. Metromode asks her how she does it.

All Things Pickled

Metro Detroit's got pickle pride! This humble, homegrown, and oh-so tasty snack has a long history in Motown, and now a new generation of briners and picklers are ready to carry the torch ... or wield the jars, as the case may be. From gherkins to kimchi to sauerkraut and all points between, food fermentation is our new black.

What Does It Mean To Be Business Friendly? A Conversation with Valentine Vodka's Rifino Valentine

Rifino Valentine chucked his Wall Street trader job to follow his dream: to open a distillery in Detroit. Today, Valentine Vodka may not call Motown its home but it is a successful top shelf brand that's starting to expand beyond Michigan's borders. Metromode chats with Valentine about why Ferndale was the right fit for his company and how the city could become ground zero for high quality spirits.

TechTown exec goes Boom!

By most accounts, entrepreneurship is considered the province of the young and tech-savvy. Not so fast, says ex-TechTown exec Randal Charlton. Last month he launched Boom! The New Economy, a start-up oriented toward 50-plus entrepreneurs.

Grosse Pointe 2.0

It may just be five blocks, but the neighborhood around Grosse Pointe Park's Kercheval Avenue is starting to change the character, residential make up, and expectations of a community that has long been regarded as --dare we say it?-- cloistered.

From Scratch: World Clothes Line

Lots of people love to travel, but few take the time to engage with the cultures they encounter. While hiking in places like Indonesia and Peru, Mallory Brown noticed that people were desperate for clothing. In the act of literally giving them the clothes off her back she stumbled upon an idea: World Clothes Line -- a philanthropic business that provides new clothes to those in need.

Rust Belt Market

From big box to big ideas. Ferndale's Rust Belt Market is an artist and craft fair, DIY marketplace, and music festival all rolled into one. And it happens day in and day out in a space that formerly housed an Old Navy.

From Scratch: Maggie May Swimwear

Maybe it's the vast expanse of Michigan's beachfront property. Or maybe it was just winters of wishful thinking. Either way, fashion designer Magdalena Trever decided to launch a swimwear line in the Mitten. Now, her eye-catching knit bikinis are getting gobs of attention.

Metro Detroit's Watery Future

Michigan may be known as the Mitten state, but we're really more of a flipper. After all, we have more coastline than any place else in the continental U.S.. So, what are we doing to leverage this unique position? From energy to tourism, boating to high tech, Dennis Archambault looks at how metro Detroit is capitalizing  on its greatest natural resource.

204 Articles | Page: | Show All
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