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Got DDA?

Grosse Pointe really wants a Downtown Development Authority. Three quarters of Metro Detroit's cities already have one. So, what do these governmental organizations do and why does it matter? Metromode takes a look at how Ann Arbor and Royal Oak leverage their DDA's to create a vibrant, healthy urban core.

To W2 or 1099? That Is The Question

Forbes says SE Michigan is among the 5 worst places in the US to find a job. W2 jobs, that is. Not only do 60% of businesses employ 1099 workers, their ranks are quickly growing --particularly in communities like Ann Arbor and Royal Oak. So, how does the state accommodate this new class of highly educated, independent employee?

A Wish List for Motor City Transit

What does our transit system lack that other cities have? We look at not just the obvious big things, like rail, but offer some little changes that would make getting around without a car easier in Detroit.

The Bus Stops Here: Tips for the Untrained Rider

Here is everything you always wanted to know about riding the bus but were afraid to ask. Or possibly you asked and couldn't find an answer.

Detroit, One Man, One Month, No Car

It wasn't like we asked him to eat exclusively at McDonald's or anything -- just take a month, leave the car parked in the driveway and ride the bus (and train and bike). Terry Parris Jr. discovered that the glass is half empty and half full when it comes to transit options in Detroit. And somewhere along the way, he found out he liked it.

Metro Detroit On Deck

Now that the waning days of summer are upon us, the opportunities to sip and sup by moonlight are dwindling. Metromode points you toward some of Metro Detroit's best patios, decks and balconies for outdoor drinking and dining.

Michigan Green Jobs

Everything's gone green around here. Architects, retailers, entrepreneurs, big buys, little guys -- they are all starting to look like Kermit. But it's no wonder. Companies that embrace green-thinking, make green products and offer green services are bringing in bucks and building jobs in Michigan.

An Appetite For Atmosphere

It's said that the average American eats 198 meals out a year, spending an average of $855 million per day. So, what makes a restaurant 'hot'? Food, yes. But also its sense of place. Metromode takes a look at a trio of Metro Detroit eateries that provide a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.

Design Democracy: The Next Evolution In Manufacturing?

The inalienable right to have furniture designed the way you want it. That's what Kerry And Bryce Moore are after. But that's not all that's behind their "Design Democracy" movement. The owners of Context Furniture intend to revolutionize Michigan's entire approach to manufacturing.

Could Life Sciences Become Michigan's Core Industry?

The handwriting is on the wall: SE Michigan's economy needs to develop new industries in order to thrive. Given the power and prestige of our local research universities and the fact that biotech startups are popping up like dandelions, some see the life sciences industry as our next best hope.

Rockin' The Suburbs

Come on feel the noize! Detroit's School Of Rock And Pop not only teaches adults to pump up the volume, they help them find bandmates to jam with. Whether it's power chords, bubblegum pop, head banging or groovin' to a funky bass line, think of it as rock and roll night school.

How Historic Preservation Can Help SE Michigan

Everything old is new again. And profitable. Historic preservation is more than just a longing for the old ways. It can be an economic driver for those SE Michigan communities that know how to leverage what they've got with where they're going.

Hollywood Rentals

The need for quality rental units goes beyond new urbanist ideals. It also means dollars where you least expect them. Michigan just passed one of the most ambitious film incentive packages in the nation. Hollywood's come calling. And guess what they're looking for? Modern rentals in walkable downtown settings.

Light Rail Would Mean Big Things For Woodward Corridor

Monday morning's big light rail announcement would mean great things for Metro Detroiters yearning for a transit alternative. If the plan comes to fruition, it would be boom time for the Woodward Corridor.

Boutique Sweets

No longer content to sup on artisanal wine, bread and cheese, SE Michigan's foodies have extended their quest for the authentic into the realm of desserts. From old world pastries to gourmet chocolates to high-falutin' cupcakes, Metro Detroit's sweet tooth has grown sophisticated. And a few smart cookies are cashing in on their cravings. 
139 Articles | Page: | Show All
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