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Metro Detroit Goes Slow And Tastes The Difference

Largely citified Metro Detroit has been lauded for its soul food, and lately, for its slow food. Rooted in locally grown, sustainable, healthy foodstuffs, the national leader in urban gardening is fertile grounds for the slow food supporters cropping up around the region.

Green Up Top

It's the urban trend all the kids are talking about! Green roofs are taking root in cities across America, reducing pollution and creating energy efficiency. Metromode looks at how Metro Detroit can emulate the success of the Ford Rouge Plant and move up from the back of the pack.

John Fetterman's Rust Belt Revival

John Fetterman is a large, tattooed, Harvard-educated mayor of a tiny town, and his tough brand of civic responsibility may have important lessons for Metro Detroit.

Smart Cars in Metro Detroit: Still Smart?

Eighteen months ago Metromode checked out the newly arrived Smart Car as one of several new cool commuter options. So how has this sporty new 'wee'-hicle done in the land of hulking Hummers and SUVs? And more importantly, what do Metro Detroiters think of their micro-mini (but ever-so green) purchase?

Metromode Radio: Sustainable Energy In Michigan

The Michigan Sustainable Energy Coalition brought international experts to the state's capital this week to discuss the changing energy landscape. Only a couple of lawmakers attended and Michigan Now's Chris McCarus was the only reporter there. The event showed how hard it is to shift the focus from the old economy to the new one.

Preservation vs Demolition

Dilapidated eyesore or historic keystone to downtown redevelopment? It's an argument that's repeated over and over in Metro Detroit communities. Lincoln Park's Mellus Newspapers building is only the latest flashpoint. Jon Zemke gives you the lay of the land and gets some insight from downtowns that have fought this fight and won.

It's Not Easy Being Green

The economy is struggling. Real estate is in a spiral. How do you make the case for green building when businesses are just trying to survive? And what about those who want to go green but can't quite reach LEED standards? Is there any consideration for their eco-friendly choices? Metromode looks at how the future of sustainability is coping with the challenges of today.

Light From Above: Divinity Meets Sustainability

Father Charles of St. Elizabeth's in Wyandotte is on a mission.... er... another mission: To not only lower his own carbon footprint, but that of his church and congregation's. It's part of his belief that we are all stewards of God's green Earth. Metromode says "Amen."

Share The Road

Piles of snow. Narrow streets. While cyclists brave subzero winds, motorists grudgingly share the road. Metro Detroit's "car is king" sentiment needs to be dethroned if alternative transportation is to become a reality. Jon Zemke takes a street level view of what local cyclists have to face and why they remain committed to a car-less commute.

Detroiters Want to Recycle Here

The nonprofit Recycle Here! center is slammed with Detroiters unloading their unwanted paper, plastic and glass, but soon many Detroiters will have a curbside option, too. Green could be very "in" in Detroit in '09. 

Metromode Radio: Making Electricity Underwater

In the race to produce cheaper renewable energy, one U-M professor is looking to harness electricity from the Detroit River using experimental cylinders. Chris McCarus has the story on Metromode Radio's latest podcast.

Michigan Green Jobs

Everything's gone green around here. Architects, retailers, entrepreneurs, big buys, little guys -- they are all starting to look like Kermit. But it's no wonder. Companies that embrace green-thinking, make green products and offer green services are bringing in bucks and building jobs in Michigan.

Mind, Body & Spirits: A Green Brew Pub

From its LEED construction to its geothermal heating to its all local, all organic menu, Mike Plesz is a man with a mission: to turn a historic building in downtown Rochester into the greenest brewpub in Michigan. Drinking beer never felt so responsible.

How Historic Preservation Can Help SE Michigan

Everything old is new again. And profitable. Historic preservation is more than just a longing for the old ways. It can be an economic driver for those SE Michigan communities that know how to leverage what they've got with where they're going.

Regaining our Competitive Edge: A National Blueprint for Prosperity

It's a different world today and yet our federal government is still stuck in the 80's, says Bruce Katz of the Brookings Institution. But what if Washington did things smarter? What if they actually planned for our urban future? Katz's national Blueprint for American Prosperity is a call to action for those who care about their cities.
69 Articles | Page: | Show All
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