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Fests and Fundraisers Go local

If you want further evidence that locally sourced food and craft-brewed beverages are becoming the new normal, consider any local festival or fundraiser worth its salt. Michigan-made products have become event necessities, culinary carrots that are dangled in front of enthusiastic attendees.


Almost Famous: Metro Detroit's Up And Coming Chefs

Metro Detroit's chefs may not be dominating episodes of Chopped and Top Chef but that doesn't mean they don't shine where it counts. So what about our next generation of kitchen masters? Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg introduces you to a quartet of local culinary up-and-comers.


Michigan-made Ambassador: Achatz Pie Co.

In 19 years the Achatz Pie Co. has gone from family kitchen to farmer's market to over 100 grocery stores, including Whole Foods. But co-founder and co-owner Wendy Achatz is more than just an all-natural sweet treat peddler, she's an enthusiastic cheerleader for Michigan-made products.


A Cupcake Supreme

Chocolate Salted Caramel cupcakes. French toast and bacon cupcakes. Are you salivating like Homer Simpson yet? Royal Oak's Taste Love Cupcakes (TLC) was just another Metro Detroit cupcakery ...until it proved it wasn't. Now it's a "Cupcake Wars" champion. And the hungry masses are coming.


Our Pop-Up Kitchen Scene

They're like the Brigadoons of cuisine, restaurants that appear for one night then vanish into the ether, leaving their fans hungry for their next appearance (which is usually far less than 100 years). Pop-up kitchens are... well... popping up around Metro Detroit, giving budding restaurateurs their first taste of what it's like to run an eatery.


Eastern Market: A Food Hub for Metro Detroit and Beyond

Establishing a sustainable and vibrant market for local food is a challenging mix of production, distribution, community engagement, and entrepreneurship. Detroit's Eastern Market is meeting those challenges head on. With 100 years of history and experience, this innovative institution is breaking new ground with its focus on developing a stronger regional food system while encouraging the success of smaller growers.


All Things Pickled

Metro Detroit's got pickle pride! This humble, homegrown, and oh-so tasty snack has a long history in Motown, and now a new generation of briners and picklers are ready to carry the torch ... or wield the jars, as the case may be. From gherkins to kimchi to sauerkraut and all points between, food fermentation is our new black.


Chicks Roux: Metro Detroit's Women Chefs

James Brown once sang that "This is a man's, man's, man's world" ...and that couldn't be truer when it comes to executive chefs. Which is why Nicole Rupersburg looks at the women who are helming high-profile Metro Detroit kitchens, proving that  "...it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman."


What Food Trucks Say About Ferndale

It ain't called Fabulous Ferndale for nothing. With a "sure, why not?" attitude and a dedication to urban vitality, this inner ring burb is quickly becoming the region's go-to community for DIY innovation and entrepreneurship. So, what's that got to do with food carts? More than you might think.


Little Vietnam In Madison Heights

Pho shops and Vietnamese businesses are popping up in Madison Heights like dandelions. What gives? Metromode looks into why the unlikely stretch between John R and Dequindre is turning into Metro Detroit's de facto Little Vietnam.


Bohemian Rhapsody: Metro Detroit's Coffee Chemists

Craft beers, heirloom produce, artisanal breads - not all foods are created equal. Now a network of local cafes are looking to get Metro Detroiters to reconsider that most sacred of beverages - the cup of Joe. Unconvinced? Consider this:  Wine has 750 flavor profiles; coffee has 1500.

Making The Jump: A Q&A with Brad Dahlhofer and Paul Zimmerman of B. Nektar Meadery

If ever there was a silver lining, Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer found it. Laid off from their day jobs the couple teamed with their friend Paul Zimmerman to turn their homebrew hobby into a full-time job. It was a good gamble. B. Nektar Meadery can barely produce enough fermented honey alcohol to meet demand.

Beer's Better Half

Bet you didn't know that women account for nearly 25% of beer consumption in the U.S.. Surprised? The truth is, male dominance in the brewery world is a pretty recent thing. Before the Industrial Revolution the fairer sex was also the beerier sex. Metromode introduces you to a quartet of local women who are tipping back the balance.

Purpose Driven: A Q&A with Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb

Whole Foods CEO Walter Robb is an unabashed entrepreneur, a true believer that business is the ultimate engine for change. He also believes that corporations must have a deeper purpose than just profit. Metromode's Jeff Meyers chats with Robb about the way those seemingly disconnected impulses come together and why the next generation of business leaders should embrace them.

Detroit Restaurant Week Giveaway

Spring is... well, on the way. Even though the flowers haven't popped up yet, Detroit Restaurant Week will be in full bloom starting April 1st. No foolin'. It's 10 days of food, drink and prix fixe fun. Metromode would like to help sate your appetite.
72 Articles | Page: | Show All
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