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Metro Detroit's Pitmasters

To some it's cheap comfort food. To others, a highly nuanced cultural cuisine. Either way barbecue has become the go-to dining trend in Metro D. Whether it's Texas, Carolina, or Louisiana-style, local fans are passionate about their pit, rub, and sauce preferences.

How To Be The Ultimate Metro Detroit Locavore

Think you're a true blue Metro Detroit locavore because your milk comes from Calder and your veggies come from the neighborhood farmstand? Think again. There are homegrown companies producing everything from vodka to soap to furniture to toys in Southeast Michigan. Metromode's Kim Shine North imagines what the ultimate "Buy Local" home might look like.

The Entrepreneurial Life (So Far) of Paul Chambers

From IT to popcorn, 29-year-old Paul Chambers has had more than just a kernel of success. This co-founder and CEO of Core3 Solutions and owner of two Dale & Thomas Popcorn franchises has had entrepreneurship running through his veins since age five.

Wine Country Is Just An Hour Away

You don't have to fly to California, France, or Italy to experience wine country. A mere hop, skip, and jump over the international border is Lake Erie's North Shore. With more than a dozen wineries, Ontario's best-kept secret is quickly developing into the perfect weekend destination for Metro Detroiters. Let Metromode be your guide.

Zingerman's Seeds Entrepreneurship

It's no surprise that Zingerman's breeds a love of food in its staff, but entrepreneurship? Julianne Mattera talks to a trio of former employees who have taken what they've learned from Ann Arbor's beloved deli and turned it into successful businesses across the country.

Hungry For Success

Metro Detroit's young gun restaurateurs are thriving in an otherwise tough economy. Balancing style, location, and affordability, they've created popular eateries that cater to hip and enthusiastic crowds.

The Land Of Small Giants

Sometimes bigger isn't better. In Ann Arbor the small giant movement is catching on, and it's attracting some Metro Detroit companies as well. Their philosophy? Profit is good but the bottom line should not be the be all / end all of your company's existence.

It's More Than Food, It's A Business

Take a cup of culinary love, add a tablespoon of entrepreneurship and bake in Metro Detroit's DIY business culture. What do you get?  A trio of locally-based food companies that are starting to land their products in markets across the country.

A Company Of Experts

From deli sandwiches to digital advertising, some Metro Detroit companies are reinventing the employer-employee relationship. The result? A happy band of brand experts ...and evangelists.

Metro Detroit Is Abuzz

His labor is a chant, His idleness a tune; Oh, for a bee's experience Of clovers and of noon!-Emily DickinsonSpring will soon be sprung and local fields will be busy with more bees than ever. Metro Detroit bee keepers are growing their hobby into a honey of an industry.

Metro Detroit's Homeprenuers

As scary as the economy is, some smart and creative people are laughing in the face of fear and launching their own businesses from home. Meet three people who've created enormously cool jobs for themselves.

Pizza 2.0

It was only a matter of time before pizza went high-tech. From web tracking to on demand orders from your TiVo, Ann Arbor-based Domino's has created a brave new world of snarfing.

Michigan Hearts Wine

It's Metro Detroit's turn to wine (rather than whine). With Michigan now ranked 8th in the nation for wine production, wineries and wine bars are popping up around the region. Some are even winning medals. And that has inspired locals to get schooled in tasting and making their own. So, this weekend tip a glass to love... and the Mitten State.

Metro Detroit: A Visitor's View

Long after the high-voltage North American International Auto Show rolls up the red carpet, tourism remains a nearly $5 billion a year economic plug for Metro Detroit. Are visitors mapping out the region's praises or issuing their own travel advisories? Metromode takes a look from their vantage points.

Turning Metro Green

With all the talk of going green and clean, just how sustainable is Metro Detroit becoming? Over the last year Metromode has run across a growing number of businesses, leaders, and initiatives that are nudging Michigan's economy and lifestyle toward the green end of the spectrum. This week we round up evidence that our region is putting its money where its mouth is.
54 Articles | Page: | Show All
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