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Guest Blogger: Rob St. Mary

In seek of new heights, former WDET radio host and lifelong Detroiter Rob St. Mary is gone, gone, gone to Aspen, Colorado. St. Mary reminisces on all that is Detroit and on the challenges and opportunities left behind.

Is Metro Detroit Ready for the Barwis Methods?

NFL and U-M football players, NHL players, and current and former Olympians tote iron at the legendary Barwis Methods gym in Plymouth. Although he's made a career out of training top athletes, strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis isn't only about the jocks. Anyone from the elderly to those getting on their feet again after injury is welcome to sweat.

FilterD: Apr. 4 - 10

International Pop Overthrow heads back to Detroit for its sixth straight year, but for the first time at Corktown's PJ's Lager House. The min-rock fest goes April 4 - 6 and features 26 of the best pop and rock artists from Detroit and out of town.

FilterD: Mar. 28 - Apr. 3

Former Ghostly International ambient techno cohort Benoit Pioulard performs live at Detroit's Magic Stick this Sunday. Sounds great to us. Get more details in FilterD.

Is Your Community Redevelopment Ready?

Sometimes it's not about adding to what you've got but making the most of what you have. For nearly a decade the Michigan Suburbs Alliance has helped metro Detroit communities to redevelop their existing assets. Now, the program is being adopted by the MEDC in order to go state-wide, and they're discovering that regional cooperation is a key component for success.

A Tern for the Better: The Detroit River Comeback

Oh, the difference a couple of tern chicks make. For decades the Detroit River was a repository for industrial pollution and waste. Now, through both international cooperation and private-public partnerships the health of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge is slowly but steadily rebounding.

Old Buildings With New Uses Inspire Development

Sometimes it seems historic preservation and economic development are at odds with one another, but innovative business owners across Michigan are proving otherwise. Learn how entrepreneurs in Pontiac, Ypsilanti and Lansing are blending the two to create neighborhood growth.

FilterD: Mar. 21 - 27

Here's looking at you, Nain Rouge. Old Detroit's red dwarf is ready for his annual frolic through the Cass Corridor this weekend. Get the devilish details in FilterD.

Clarkston Jr. High's Digital Blackboard

What do mini laptops, video-streaming pencasts and Charlie Sheen have to do with scholastic achievement? At Clarkston Junior High School, a whole heckuva lot. Jeff Peariso, who teaches algebra and statistics, has piloted a high-tech teaching program for a handful of students, with exciting results.

Guest Blogger: Erik Tungate

Contrary to the tenets of supply-side economic theory, Wall Street isn't tied to the well-being of Main Street, according to Erik Tungate, city manager of Oak Park. He suggests a remedy for local governments, often the first stop for residents needing assistance.

A Need For Raw Talent

Paul Jacobs, CEO of Southfield-based mobile apps firm jacApps, thinks that talent rather than experience is critical to building success in today's ever-evolving mobile technology industry. Jon Zemke chats with Jacobs about the challenges of and strategies for attracting the best and brightest to his growing company. 

Just In Time Talent Requires Real Time Data

Most employment analysis involves looking at trends and forecasts that are nearly 2 years old. But what if real time data could be provided to educators and economic development programs? The Workforce Intelligence Network has developed such a system, helping provide a clearer picture of the current job landscape. Their first report reveals some of the reasons for Michigan's "skills gap."

FilterD: Mar. 14 - 20

Londoner Ed Rush is one of the top drum 'n' bass producers in the world. Start your weekend early by seeing him perform this Thursday night at the Works in Corktown. Get the deep, dark details in FilterD.

Education and Urban Prosperity: The Case For Retention

A study by CEOs For Cities found that 58 percent of a region's economic health comes from the educational attainment of its residents. So, how does our region cultivate a culture that properly educates, trains and retains its talent? That's the focus of several local initiatives and a conference next week at Oakland University.

Byte & Mortar is Every Flavor of Office

What if work from home involves an office, just not the office? With all the hubbub made over Yahoo's recent "Work at work" decree, the media has missed some interesting workplace developments - namely the rise of coworking, flexible and cooperative office spaces. Byte & Mortar in Troy is the latest addition to a growing a trend.
948 Articles | Page: | Show All
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