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Playing to the Fringe

To some, fringe theater is a kind of creative canary in the coalmine, a clue as to whether your art scene offers a nurturing environment for performing artists to experiment and explore. So, how does metro Detroit stack up? Metromode's Patrick Dunn checks in with a handful of local companies to get the lay of the land.

One Foot in Farmington Hills, the Other, Everywhere Else

In 30 short years Scott Brills has visited 70 countries, launched a website development firm, raised funds for international charities, and is now launching a safari company. And he's doing it all from his home base in Farmington Hills. Still think you lead a busy life?

Guest Bloggers: Chris Duncan & Roddy Hyduk

Life and career lessons often come in seemingly small bites. Chris Duncan and Rodney Hyduk, new graduates of U-M's Screen Arts and Cultures program and co-founders of the Filmic creative agency at U-M, write on their "Cinema Everywhere" approach to projects, and its application to career choices in any field.

Clearing the Trail For More Talent

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has been a big supporter of trail development projects in southeast Michigan, awarding over half of its municipal grant funding to the cause. These trails, many converted from old railways, connect downtowns with parks and recreation. The benefits aren't just health and recreation-wise, they're also economic, paving the way to attracting new residents. 

Small Businesses As Third Places Experience Growth

How many places do you have? If you're not sure, here's a recommendation: three. In this special report, we'll discover small businesses throughout Michigan that serve as "third places" for their communities, and are growing because of it. 

Definitely Not L.A.: Hollywood Screenwriters In Metro Detroit

Before the lights, camera and action there is the script. And so there must also be the screenwriter. Believe it or not, Metro Detroit has a few of them. And some have managed to forge a successful career in Hollywood while calling the Mitten their home.

Happy 4th Of July!

Metromode wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July! We'll be spending next week barbecuing, parade watching and sampling Michigan's finest microbrews. Some time lying in a hammock may also be involved. We'll see you again on July 11th with a brand spanking new issue! In the meantime check out our holiday cocktail and movie suggestions.

The Stuff You Must Do in Metro Detroit This Summer

Barbeque. Swimming pool. Bike rides. Local summer festival. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Same old, same old. Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg has some different ideas for what makes summer special in Metro Detroit. 

Guest Blogger: Fernando Bales

The Detroit renaissance marches on, via piece-by-piece repurposing of abandoned properties into new businesses and art centers. Cranbrook Academy of Art alumnus Fernando Bales, a new Michigan resident who teaches architecture at LTU, discusses his choice of Pontiac as his home and the rehab of an old corner store into a public makerspace.

Street Muralist Comes Of Age And Out Of The Shadows

Graffiti and monsters. For many, those are two words that bring with them negative connotations. But in the hands of Wyandotte street muralist Brian Melvin (aka Deco 23) they are colorful and vibrant additions to otherwise drab landscapes. Now in his 40s, the graffiti artist reflects on what his work means and where he'd like to see it go.

Juice Juice Revolution

Caitlin James went from Peace Corps worker to successful entrepreneur in less than three years. And she's yet to cross her thirtieth birthday. Partnered with her four sisters and mentored by Garden Fresh's George Vutetakis, James has turned DROUGHT Juice into the local food business to watch.

FilterD: June 13 - 19

Thornetta Davis (pictured) is one of several stellar Detroit performers not to miss at this weekend's 10th annual Jazzin' on Jefferson street party. Details in FilterD.

Made in Michigan: Modernism

Michigan is home to an impressive list of inventions and innovations, but few would give a shout out to Modern design. Cranbrook, the state's Historic Preservation Office, and Preserve America would like to change that. This week launches an effort to raise awareness about the Mitten's profound contributions to American Modernism.

Guest Blogger: Carrie Jones

Not long ago, Michigan start-ups just weren't getting the venture capital love. No more. Carrie Jones, president of the Michigan Venture Capital Association, discusses the state's big climb in the national VC rankings, and why start-ups are moving to Michigan.

FilterD: June 6 - 12

The Source Family, a doc that looks inside an early-1970s California cult led by Father Yod, screens at the Detroit Film Theatre this weekend. Details in FilterD.
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