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Different Downtowns, Similar Successes

On the surface, Plymouth and Howell look very similar. Similar size, similar look, similar downtowns. And the two communities are successfully growing. But how they approach that growth and development differs. Metromode's Natalie Burg takes a look at how and why each works in its own way.

Upper Floor Housing Rehabs Spur Neighborhood Growth

When shopping in your favorite downtown store, ever wonder what's upstairs? For decades, the answer has been "not much" for many Michigan cities. Take a look at how that trend is changing across the state, in communities like Manistee, Portland and Detroit's Eastern Market, where local property owners are redefining downtowns by reviving upper floor residences. 

Destination Cinema

For years The Maple Theater in Bloomfield Township was an art house that catered to an older film-going audience. Jon Goldstein thought it could be more, so he bought it. $1.5 million later the Maple boasts a topnotch coffee house, full service bar, and, of course, movies.

Finding A Hydrogen Future

For more than 20 years Dr. Robert Buxbaum's Ferndale-based company has been designing technologies that filter hydrogen. That may not sound particularly exciting to the everyday Joe but when you consider that he has contracts with the U.S. and U.K. Navies and believes his product could have prevented the Fukushima meltdown you understand how focusing on something very small can have a very large impact.

FilterD: Dec. 20 - Jan. 9

Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me, Swimsuit) releases a solo LP and performs this Saturday at Hamtramck's Lo & Behold. Get all the art rock details in FilterD.

Happy Holidays!

Metromode wishes all of our readers a happy holiday and jubilant new year! We'll be taking the next two weeks off to spend time with family and friends, wear embarrassing sweaters, and maybe catch up on a few movies. We'll return on Jan. 10 with more stories of innovation and growth.

Talking Energy and Environment with the State's Valerie Brader

Affordable energy, reliable energy, and protecting our environment were part of the governor's recent 'Ensuring Our Future' message. Veronica Gracia-Wing digs into the details with the governor's deputy legal council and senior policy advisor. 

Liquid Assets: The Water That Sustains Us All

Did you know we all live in a watershed, are surrounded by over a fifth of the world's freshwater supply and interact, one way or another, with the Great Lakes basin every day? Matthew Lewis shares those factoids and more in our new blue-green infrastructure series. 

Guest Blogger: Brian Hurttienne

Be it resolved for Detroit 2013: street-level economic rebuilding will continue. Brian Hurtienne, executive director of Villages Community Development Corporation, writes about a greenway for Kercheval Avenue and how a pop-up to permanent strategy is building the retail trade.

A New Breed of Restaurateurs - Pt 2

Metromode continues Nicole Rupersburg's two-part series on the region's new generation of restaurateurs and how they're changing Metro Detroit's dining landscape.

FilterD: Dec. 13 - 19

Detroit's Monster Island (pictured) joins Prince Rama and Lord Scrummage for some dark, loud fun at MOCAD this Friday. FilterD has all the details.

An Inspired Workplace

You might find financial services and art culture strange bedfellows, but at Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in Farmington Hills it is de rigueur. MBF workers aren't only inspired and challenged by their art gallery-like surroundings, they are encouraged to become active participants in Metro Detroit's arts community.

Michigan's Little Tokyo

With the largest Japanese population in Michigan, the city of Novi has adapted to serve its growing community of foreign-born residents. In particular, Providence Park Hospital has developed a health care program that works hard to accommodate the cultural needs of those who leave Japan to call Metro Detroit home.

A New Breed of Restaurateur Pt. 1

There's been a paradigm shift in Metro Detroit. In the past, restaurant chains were king, spawning scores of copy-cat eateries. Today, the focus is on unique experiences in unique spaces that understand and want to be a part of the community they're in. In a two-part series Metromode's Nicole Rupersburg looks at the region's new generation of restaurateurs.

FilterD: Dec. 6 - Dec. 12

Nordic jazz improvisers the Frode Gerstad Trio set down in Detroit's Trinosophes in Eastern Market this weekend. Get all the details in FilterD.
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