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The Evolution Of Metro Community Colleges

Metro area community colleges have been remarkably adept at meeting the needs of Michigan's developing knowledge-based economy. From green building to biotechnology to the state's burgeoning film industry, these formerly belittled schools are delivering a timely education at an affordable price. And given their growing enrollment numbers, students are catching on.

Retooling Auto Suppliers For The New Economy: A Q&A with Elizabeth Ardisana

The buzz word for today is: Diversification. Actually, it's been the buzz word for a long time. But saying and doing are two different things. Elizabeth Ardisana of ASG Renaissance thinks it's never too late for a good idea, and she's helping the auto supplier industry get with the program.

Metromode Radio: Mich Bio Life Sciences Conference

Michigan is an up coming leader in bio sciences. Thatís the conclusion from a 2 day conference sponsored by the MEDC. The state has the major research universities plus a skilled workforce. It just needs venture capital. Chris McCarus went to the Novi event and spoke with Ann Arbor entrepreneur Rich Farkas.

Could Life Sciences Become Michigan's Core Industry?

The handwriting is on the wall: SE Michigan's economy needs to develop new industries in order to thrive. Given the power and prestige of our local research universities and the fact that biotech startups are popping up like dandelions, some see the life sciences industry as our next best hope.

In Pfizer's Wake

Pfizer walks out the door and opportunity comes in through the window. Ann Arbor takes inspiration from another Michigan community's post-Pfizer successes and seeds the ground with start ups, SPARK and state support.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Since the decline of the Big Three, it's become clear Michigan businesses need a new model. As technology firms pop up, and global communications allow small companies to compete internationally like never before, more start-ups are realizing that it pays to be David when you're battling Goliaths.

The Michigan Growth Capital Symposium: More Than Money

Like American Idol, each year local startups strut their stuff at the Michigan Growth Capital Symposium, presenting in 'lightning round' pitch sessions for the attention of venture capital managers and angel investors. But support can mean more than just a quick infusion of cash, it can also spell success for Michigan's economy.

Meet The High-Tech Neighbors

With all the news of companies moving out, two firms have decided to settle in SE Michigan, bringing with them hundreds of high-tech jobs. Spurred on by available engineers, a favorable legal climate, and the "midwest work ethic," they may just represent Michigan's future.

Guest Blogger: Doug Rothwell

Metromode's guest blogger this week is Doug Rothwell, president of Detroit Renaissance. Here's what he has to say about transforming the region's economy.
9 Articles | Page:
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